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Who Are We?

A soulful story driven fusion of funky grooves and ethereal harmony. 

More a family bond than a band, NOOKEE’s fronting identical twin sisters weave blood-matched harmonies through genre-defying sounds from their newfound brothers. Unrestrained by any method, this group’s curated live show has been likened to that of Frank Zappa and Earth, Wind & Fire. Bringing to the stage more than just sound, this six-piece band takes advantage of all performative elements including outfits, props, narrative and theatrics. Nookee’s set sonically ebbs and flows through a spectrum of emotions showcasing the powerful vocals of 70’s soul, hypnotic grooves from Samba to Disco and the punchy sounds of psych rock. 


Our Story

It all started with a trip to Ireland. This inseparable family of close friends sailed to the seaside of Ballycastle in the magical summer of 2021. Taking their instruments and recording gear, they discovered their infectiously profound musical bond. Through endless jamming and writing among the shores and forests of the awe-inspiring landscapes, they recorded the emotional sonic journey of this romantic expedition. After a colourless isolation, unable to release musically, this was the oracle moment the NOOKEE fire began to blaze. 

Following the conception of the band in the summer of ‘21, Nookee’s escapades have led them out of their Cardiff town home, and through Bristol, Oxford, Manchester, West Wales, Wrexham, Northern Ireland and most recently the South of France. Their performance at the Café De Cours in Reillanne drew an incredibly warm response, which nurtured the prospect of returning to France for a tour in the summer of 2024.

After their first successful year of gigging, the band's following grew, giving them the opportunity to perform at well-known UK festivals such as Greenman, Shambala and Kendal Calling. All taking place in the festival season of 2023, their sets on the Chai Wallahs stages received great acclaim, drawing crowds that filled the 2,000+ capacity tent.

Off of their own accord and upon the wing of BBC Horizons, Nookee wrote “Smile” with the intention of bringing together 11 inimitable Cardiff-based artists to feature alongside the sextet. This collaborative piece brought about the production of a filmed live session of the song, capturing the homegrown family feeling that is innately associated with the band.


Following numerous radio plays of ‘Smile’ backed by commendations from hosts, Nookee was commissioned to curate a live show involving fellow Welsh artists for the annual Llais festival at the Wales Millennium Centre. 

After recording and releasing a live session at the legendary Rockfield Studios in 2022, the group plans to release their debut EP in the coming year.


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