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Joe Andrews - Photographer

Nookee were commissioned to curate a live collaborative performance for the annual LLAIS Festival 2023. Funded and supported by BBC Introducing and BBC Horizons. Working with percussionist Bailey Love, singer songwriter and pianist Matthew Evans, flautist Ewan Smith, rapper Jason Dreggs, theatrical vocalist Chris Andrews and singers Alexandra Jones, Reem Ashraf, Ruba Ashraf, Lily Webbe, Mari Mathias, Themis Bowler, Dylan Humphries and Bruna Garcia.


The concept was to write a set full of theatre and journey. Adding to this idea, Nookee wore all white as a symbol of purity like a free canvas -giving each collaborator their own sonic input to add new flavours, colour, personality and authenticity to the music that wouldn't have been present in their absence. This project shone a light on the talent in and around Cardiff and created a space for artists to have a chance to perform on a theatre stage in the Wales Millennium Centre. Two of the songs were filmed and recorded for BBC Introducing LIVE and broadcasted on BBC Sounds Radio platform.

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